Predictions Based on Date of Birth

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How does Astrology actually work? What is the specific science behind it?

I’m very interested in Astrology, I feel my sun & moon signs strongly represent me, but am I just projecting? I would really like to know the science behind it and how it can be so accurate. My friend is a nihilist and I’ve been trying to explain it to him, but I don’t know enough.

Astrology is not a science; it is making money from gullible people!

What advantage does astrology offer others over other forms of self-investigation?

I mean, there are millions of self-help books out there. One can learn more about one’s self through religion, meditation, hypnosis, psychology…there are hundreds of ways to learn about yourself…

What special does astrology have to offer?

These are all avenues of self discovery but Astrology is specific regarding the souls agreement to further evolve and grow.Astrology is all about the spiritual meaning of your entry, the appointed time ,place and purpose.

There are some people who will find their way with assistance from one or all of the choices and there are some who will never travel those routes in this life time…. Maybe the soul of the native can see meaning and purpose through family, nature ,music or God forbid the mighty dollar…but even these routes can be seen by the experienced astrologist regarding the native choices.

Astrology and the others that you have mentioned helps one to uncover some of life’s mysteries and the more complex the chart..the more doors that need to be opened to understand your past ,present and future.. a Good astrologist can be one of the keys to help you unlock those doors to walk into your souls chosen destiny to evolve the soul to it’s highest level of understanding and progress.


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