Accurate Birth Chart

Predictions Based on Date of Birth

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accurate birth chart

How do you find out your sun sign and moon sign?

Well I think I remember reading that my moon is in Sagitarius but I’m not so sure. And I don’t understand all that stuff either. So what does it mean if your sun is in so and so and your moon is in so and so?
Btw I was born August 24, 1993.

Most accurate birth chart —

but I can say straight out that you’re a sun Virgo.

Good birth chart site?

Whats an accurate birth chart site, thats free, and it doesn’t require a time of birth. Because I’m trying to look up a friend’s birthchart and she doesn’t know her birth time.

Can anyone list a birthchart, please?

-birth charts- (best site for birth charts)

accurate birth chart/


accurate birth chart/

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