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astrological predictions

Has anyone ever had an astrological prediction come true for them?

yes. sign of spouse is on marriage house, with jupiter (hes a foreigner). sign of parents on respective parent houses. lilith in house where i definitely experience frustration. regent of sopouse sign in the house of home along with north node. chiron placed on daughter’s sign, also huband’s chiron placed on daughters sign, and step daughter’s chiron on daughter’s sign.. saggitarious on house 4 cusp (made my home abroad).

when does a person’s life go beyond his astrological predictions?

Destiny- “everything already fixed.”

But when does a person takes his Life in his own hands and live life as he wants?what do the planets do for such a person?

You are asking the question of Freewill, Fate and Destiny.

As individuals with free will, we should have the power to do whatever, but, the factor of limitation has made this story more complicated. Free Will is now having limitation, since, one suddenly cannot imagine something and that thing cannot happen immediately and likewise, all that is planned cannot be executed. That means there is something called as Fate.

Fate and Free will in combination keeps making every Today an Yesterday. Each Yesterday is a history and cannot come back or you cannot go there and change a thing about it. So this keeps going on with both Animate and Inanimate aspects of this creation. This is what is called as Karma or Cosmic Theory.

If everything was predestined then there would not be a creation. But, if you get to know the fundamentals of creation, you would not like to change any single aspect of it, since it has been designed so beautifully that it amazes everyone who thinks beyond physics and enter into the realms of Meta Physics.

Free Will, Fate and Destiny are the three major issues which have to be meditated on for self realization.

Astrology in its real sense is used to understand every manifestation in this creation. This science is a tool which when used will unravel the secrets of the drama which is unfolding in front of us synchronized with time. It gives us a better perspective of what we are, where we are and what actually we have to do in this life time and make the best of it.

To elevate a person from his baser, self centered model to a person who develops humility, empathy and ethics, so as to make this world a better place to live in.

Thank you for this nice question. Good Luck to you.

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