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birth chart horoscope

Which ayanamsa does astrologers in Tamil Nadu follow?

My brother’s birth chart (horoscope) was calculated twice by two separate astrolgers in tamil nadu. i don’t know which ayanamsa they used to calculate the charts.

In both the charts made by the 2 astrologers, mercury is in the 11th bhava and the birth star mentioned as mrigasira.

but when i generated the charts using the softwares like “LifeSign” and websites like “”, the charts that i generated using all the ayanamsa seem to have mercury placed in 12th bhava.

I don’t know which one is right.

[birth details:
DOB:1,september, 1983.
Time: 9:17 am
Birth place: Kanchipuram, tamilnadu, india.]

My questions are:
1. Which ayanamsa does astrologers in Tamil Nadu follow?
2. is there any software or website i can use to generate birth chart with good accuracy?


In a horoscope what is a venus opposition venus?

its in my horoscope for monday and most of next week i used a free birth chart/horoscope website and i know sometimes they aren’t the most informational or accurate websites but im broke and not wasting my money can anyone help me

i didn’t quite understand your question, but here is an accurate website for birth chart calculation. It’s the most accurate, an astrologer said so :b

birth chart horoscope/

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birth chart horoscope/

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