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birth chart making

Does having Taurus/Gemini in your birth chart make you Schizo-ish?

I was reading an astrology forum and a fellow Aries mentioned how she had a Taurus Moon and Venus in Gemini, and that it gave her 100 different personalities, but I’m wondering if anyone can verify how that happens since I thought Taurus was a pretty stable sign. I’m an Aries with a Taurus moon and Mars in Gemini and I sometimes wonder if I’m crazy too!

I am born on the Taurus/Gemini cusp, and Im a nutter, with a million personalities!

What aspect make you attractive to opposite sex?

I was just wondering and very curious what aspect in the birth chart make you popular to the opposite sex like man/woman magnet? I know for sure people will say venus conjunct ascendant and libra rising what else beside those two?

To me the biggy is Venus conjunct Mars. This is often the most “desired” aspect around. Venus represents our ability to love and form relationships and Mars is the “desire principle” regarding sex. So, Venus + Mars = Magnetic Energy/Chemistry

And I am adding a strong sun well aspected with a heavy dose of confidence. Like Sun trine Pluto, for example. This is an individual (sun) that is very aware of their impact upon others (Pluto). Confidence is very sexy. Confident women, even if they aren’t as traditionally attractive as others, never have to worry about spending Saturday night alone with the cat. Men are attracted to strong confident women. And vice-versa. Women are attracted to a strong confident man.

So while looks initially get one noticed, when those looks are enhanced with confidence, that is hard to beat. Strong. Sexy. Confident. Oh also the Venus/Mars conjunction definitely increase this attraction. But I have seen many a woman that wouldn’t be considered conventionally beautiful, snare the strongest, most confident man in the room. Never underestimate confidence. Confidence is key.

I guess that is why and how abusive men often choose women that don’t have that confidence of a strong woman and that is how they “scope” out their next victim. Personal experience here. Plenty of it unfortunately. Very low confidence for many years. Oh, and of course, women can be abusive too.

Hope this is helpful. Good luck and bless you.

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