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birth chart software

Chart Software?

Does anyone know of any good astrology and or birth chart software?????

I’ve found the best online place to get a free chart is astrodienst:

does daylight savings change your birth chart?

i put my info on one site them on another it gave me different rising signs

like cancer to Gemini

so I’m unsure what my rising is

YUP, it sure can for some people such as myself. On cheap birth chart software, it gives me an inaccurate MOON sign if I don’t indicate that I was born during daylight savings time.
You can check my actual birth data for proof that it is true. I was born 10/17/1980 at 9:18 am in Rockport, Texas. Rockport, TX is near Corpus Christi, TX and we are central standard time zone(CST or time zone -6), BUT we are currently on daylight savings time(CDST or time zone -5) from March 08, 2009 until November 1, 2009. Back in the great year of 1980, on the date I was born, it was central daylight savings time(CDST time zone -5 and I researched time zone history dates for my area)

Anyway, does not give me my correct moon sign(I am not an Aquarius moon) due to the birth chart software not knowing the correct time zone for the year 1980(it automatically gives me CST time zone -6……..uh, I don’t think so, and I therefore have to manually input time zone -5). We old folks are not favored by However, and loves us old folks born in 1980 because their fantastic birth chart software knows it’s correct time zones for different areas of the world.

I am a Capricorn moon at 29.39 degrees and NOT an Aquarius moon at 0.12 degrees.

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