Birth Kundli

Predictions Based on Date of Birth

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birth kundli

how to prepare the kundli,if we have only the date of birth and the place of birth,but without the exact time?

Birth kundli can not be prepared if the time of birth is not known. However we can try by hit and trial different times and cast horoscopes to tally the life events. The chart which correspond to our life events ca be used as the correct birth chart.
We can with advantage use Prasna astrology. A chart is prepared on the bases of a question put before an astrologer. The astrologer can answer correctly the query on the basis of this chart.

Tell me the software name to make new born baby birth kundli.?

yahoo id – sunil_gupta20098996

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TV9 – “Maguvina Kundali” : A New Born Baby’s Birth Chart To Find Fortune – 1/3

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