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How accurate are the birth times in our birth certificate?

I did a natal chart recently and then I remember reading something about how natal charts can give false information if your birth timing is off even by a few seconds!!! So now it makes me wonder how accurate is the birth timing in hospitals? with so many chaos going around during labor and stuff lol
it would be great if someone who works in a hospital can give their thoughts as well.

Good question with no simple answer.

The birth certificate is only as accurate as the person who notes the time and how accurate the clock is in the delivery room, and how much attention is paid by the person recording the information. I know of a story told by one famous astrologer who was present for the birth of his grandchild. He had watches set to the Naval Observatory, computer programs set to atomic clocks, plus his cell phone. If ever a birth was timed accurately ,it was this one. The birth certificate was almost 20 minutes different than the time the astrologer had.

A long time ago I did check with a nurse who spent the better part of her career in the delivery room in a hospital. In the hospital she worked in, they were sticklers for getting the time right. ON the other hand and at the other extreme, in the 1940s and later, Pennsylvania required hospitals to record the birth time in Eastern Standard time even if it was daylight savings time. This would be OK, except some hospitals did that and some didn’t, so people born during daylight time may or may have an accurate birth time on their birth certificate or it might be an hour off.

How important is this? Medieval astrologers who use primary directions will tell you that the birth needs to be within a few seconds of correct in order to properly make predictions. Even a minute or so off can make a prediction off by a year or more. While this makes sense from a mathematical standpoint, it makes no sense from an astrological one since no one has a birth timed that accurately.

There is currently a controversy among astrologers that the moment of birth may not be one instant or even the instant of first breath, the traditional marker of the beginning of life. They argue that it might be possible that for some things one chart is not enough, or perhaps we should use a couple of charts for prediction and delineation. I think this is a bit over the top, but they do raise a valid point that we aren’t sure of the exact beginning of life, and we need to get our act together regarding the nativity..

You have two choices: use the birth certificate time and put up with the inaccuracies that might occur, or have a rectification done and hope it is done right. I would do the former. Rectifications often are the result of the astrologer’s prejudices and even they are only as accurate as the data used to determine them. Be wary of birth times on the hour or half hour. They are almost always rounded off for convenience.

If the time is rounded and within reason, and it doesn’t involve a sign change on the MC or ASC within a few minutes, it is good enough for general delineation and probably prediction using secondary progressions. The more accurate the birth time, the more accurate solar and especially lunar returns may be calculated. The best way is to work with charts and question the native to see if what you are saying makes sense and if it makes more sense if the birth time is altered a bit, then alter the birth time.

How much does your time of birth affect your chart?

How would a few hours different in birth time affect your chart?
I’m curious because they always say to use 12 if you don’t know the time – how different would 2 charts be if their only data difference was a difference in the time of birth by a few hours?
Specifically, which placements in your chart would a different time of birth alter?

A few hours can affect your birth chart more then you’d think. It’ll definately change your rising sign. Really, it all depends on how close or far your real birth-time is from 12pm. The closer it is the more accurate the chart, the farther the less accurate.

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