Chinese Birth Date

Predictions Based on Date of Birth

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chinese birth date

what is my chinese birth date and year if i was born on january 20,1975. I am a male.?

Born in India,

Chinese Date of your birthday- cycle 77, Chinese Year Jia-Yin (51), year 1974, month 12, day 2 (1974-12-02)

Gregorian Date of your Chinese Birthday Anniversary this year- Saturday, January 16, 2010

Chinese Age today- 35 years old

What would my chinese birth date be? I was born March 6th 1980?

well , chinese astrology has to do with years in you case 1980 would make you (The Monkey)
i know because that’s when my sister was born

im the snake 1989

and march 6th pisces

chinese birth date/

How to Sing Happy Birthday in Mandarin Chinese

chinese birth date/

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