Compatibility Score Through Kundali Horoscope

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Compatibility Score Through Kundali HoroscopeCompatibility Score Through Kundali Horoscope

Different attributes and traits of those two individuals as reflected by their respective Kundali horoscopes are astrologically evaluated, and thus a result is drawn out of that evaluation regarding the possible compatibility in between them.


Talking from an astrological point of view, astrologers consider the positioning of the Moon planet in the two Kundali horoscopes, and then draw a total of eight descriptions out of them. These eight descriptions are with the names of Varan, Vasya, Tara, Yoni, Grah Maitri, Gan, Bhakoot, and Nadi. Each of these descriptions holds some points for it, which mutually makes a total of 36.


At the end total scoring points are evaluated, and if they are found to be less than 18, then the prospective relationship is considered to unsuitable, and the two individuals are considered to be inappropriate for each other.


Kundali Horoscope Marriage Predictions

In India, a ritual has been intact with the practice of marriage since ancient times. According to this ritual, before bride and groom, or bride’s family and groom’s family agree to enter into a marital relationship, Kundli Horoscope of both the prospective bride as well as the prospective groom are matched with each other. This matching process of Kundli horoscope of two individuals is in fact more than a ritual, as the result derived through this matching process is the very base of agreeing or disagreeing to the prospective relationship.


Aspects of Kundli Horoscope Matching

This online Kundli matching process, as well as the other forms of Kundli horoscope matching prominently involves consideration of the presence or absence of Manglik Dosha and doing Manglik Match. The reason behind this is that most of the Kundli horoscopes have Manglik Dosha over it which hinders or adversely impacts the way of relationships of the concerned individual with most of the other people who are without any Manglik Dosha.


According to Vedic astrology, it also significantly impacts the success or failure of marriages, and therefore, every astrologer makes sure to count the aspect of Manglik Dosha while matching Kundli horoscopes of two individuals.


The Significance of Kundli Horoscope

Kundali horoscope or Vedic Birth Chart holds utmost important even in the present time. Apart from being used for its very basic purpose of predicting future events and circumstances in one’s life at different points of time, Kundali horoscope is also an essential part of various other rituals and traditions.

Compatibility Score Through Kundali Horoscope

Indian traditions are highly in concert with beliefs and principles of Vedic Astrology, and thus include matching of Kundali horoscope as a part of rituals of marriage.


As a part of Kundali matching process of Vedic astrology, Kundali horoscopes of two individuals are put on one single platform in order to compare and evaluate various attributes of those two individuals, and thus draw a conclusion regarding the possible compatibility of them.


We have actually seen lot of times that in spite of matching of the horoscope and also maximum Gun Milans the marriage fails. After examining the above variables the possibilities of failed marriage are marginal. Matching of horoscopes, is therefore, much more basic than matching the blood group.


A clinically dissimilar pair risk their health and wellness & kids, however an astrologically mismatched pair placed at risk, their health, riches, joy, success, tranquility of mind, their future development & prosperity – whatever that makes life beneficial.


According to Astrology horoscope matching is much more than simply Gun Milan as well as Manglik Dosh. In our viewpoint there are 5 significant facets, which are appropriate, when it concerns matching of two horoscopes for the purpose of marriage.


Progeny or capacity to offer birth to youngsters: The horoscopes of child and lady should reveal guarantee for at the very least one child.


Health: Both boy and girl ought to have a healthiness as well as ought to not call any kind of fatal or crippling disease or accident.


Mental makeup or nature: Two horoscopes need to be matched for their psychological aptitude to determine whether their mental wavelength matches or not. If lad is hot-tempered and the lady is of the same temperament, this will lead to strained relationships as well as possible splitting up.


Separative Tendencies: The horoscopes of boy as well as girl should not reveal any tendencies for long splitting up between them or show any kind of indications of divorce in between them.


Durability: First of all durability of the lad and lady ought to be checked very carefully. There is no further need to match the horoscopes if there is an obvious difference.


Horoscope Matching is extremely deep and intensely rooted in Hindu culture. Before entering in to marriage partnership an Astrologer is referred to for his analysis of the horoscopes of lad and also the girl. It is done to make sure a harmonious, well-balanced and healthy relationship for marriage. 


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