Date Of Birth Astrology Predictions

Predictions Based on Date of Birth

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Date Of Birth Astrology PredictionsDate Of Birth Astrology Predictions


The planets according to Indian astrology are supposed to inhibit twelve different signs. The sign in which Moon is placed is called the birth sign or “Janam Rashi”; whereas the star constellation in which moon finds itself is called “Janam Nakshatra“. The nine planets which have relevance to certain facets of our existence rule the different aspects or bhavas of the birth chart.


The Sun and Moon own one house each whereas the other planets have heir lordships with two houses. Placement of a planet in a given Natal chart is decided as per the longitudinal intersection of the planet and that of the cusp. Astrology is a science which correlates the events on earth with the movements of the celestial bodies like sun, moon, stars and planets. So the positions of stars , the positions of the celestial bodies helps in understanding the dasha predictions, sade sati details, nakshatra phal, influence of planets and varshphal combinedly given by the kundli.


All these predictions start from your birth date astrology.Two or more planets placed in a similar house are called the conjunction of planets. The conjunctions are similarly beneficial or malefic according to the planetary combination and the sign or houses inhibited by them. The conjunction of trying lord and quadrant lord is supposed to be very auspicious.


Rahu and Ketu which are the nodes of moon also yield different results depending on the signs inhibited by them and planets aligned with them. Birth chart and horoscopes form the foundation of astrological predictions. Every single person on the planet is different, though we all share a lot in common, particularly with others who share our sun sign, moon sign or ascendant sign, but there’s a lot more to who we are than our sun sign.


You were born to a particular place, into a unique family, and community and all of that influences who you are. Daily astrologers can tell you about some part of the zodiac influences that are at work on a particular sun sign on a given day, but you have a unique astrological makeup based on your birthday and where you were born.


If we want to know more detailed information about our future we have to go for Indian vedic prediction which is more efficient. Experienced and dedicated astrologer can predict our future along with the things happened in past easily. By this any person can plan their future and can resolve the issues if any with the use of proper remedies. Doing solution for any kind of problem is also a part of astrology. Marriage is one of the most important decisions of life. Hence it is important to find out the compatibility between the couples. Astrology for marriage gives details about the match, the details about the ups and downs in your married life.


Astrology helps forecast and analyze financial habits. People born under different astrology zodiac signs deal with money and monetary matters differently. This calculator generates astrology profile which throw light on your financial habits which in turn helps you understand and manage your finance better. Astrology acts as a guide by foretelling you more about what is inborn in your personality.


Start your reading now and chat live online or by phone with a fortune teller to divine your future full of promise and hope!


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