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date of birth online

Where can I find someone’s date of birth online for free?

I need to find out when someone’s birthday is. They were born in the UK and still live in the UK, and they are still alive! I’ve tried Google but can’t seem to find a site that gives me this information – mostly I came across ancestry sites.
Can you help please? I’d be most grateful if you can! Many thanks.

You can do your search for free on
there is the 1837-1983 section &1984-2004 there are no indices for the later years though, but you can do the search for free. It only gives the birth year and the quarter they were born in not the actual date, it gives the mums maiden name for those born after 1911, and always gives a volume and page number these are numbers given for on-line orders mainly. Hope this helps good luck.

Is there a way to find out someone’s date of birth online?

I have lost contact with a cousin and it would help me to contact her if I knew her dob.

Your cousins date of birth will not be of much help, unless you are planning to hire a private detective to locate her.

Contact a relative, perhaps another cousin.

If you know where and when she attended high school, try or

If she is married, you will need her married name for or

Try posting a query on, a free Q&A forum, owned by It’s a long shot, but it might pay off.

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