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Predictions Based on Date of Birth

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date of birth reading

What is my rashi according to my date of birth 26.06.1983?

As per english sun sign zodiac , your rashi comes as per date of birth.

Read lindagood man sun signs which are available in India.

As per Indian horoscope which is passed on janamkundli – date of birth,place and time . Computerised indian horoscope can be taken out or get a panditji and give your date of birth,place and accurate time.

what does a red flag mean on your social security card?

my dad tried to cash a check and they wont let him bc they say he socail security has a red flag on it what does it mean?

Lack of correlation between Social Security number range and date of birth.

Read the information on the link below:

You should check with the Socail Security Office and find out why it is there.

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Background Check Truth

date of birth reading/

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