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Predictions Based on Date of Birth

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dates of birth signs

I just wanted to know, how dose a parent pull their child out of school?

i am going to take my ged. but they said i need to be pulled out of school for over a year. how can my mom pull me out of school? i just want to know
im not staying in school. end of discussion.

“Notarized” parental consent for you to drop out of school.

My son _____ has my parental permission as his legal guardian
to withdraw from attending ________ High School.
Student’s Name: __________
Date of Birth: ________
Signed by your mother and a Notary Public

How to dispute credit?

I had credit pulled by a mortgage company and noticed errors. I want to dispute but I don;t want a credit report from the companies (I mean, I already have one, why the overkill) do I HAVE to have one by them to dispute online?

If I want to dispute by mail, do I have to use the form from Transunion since I do not have a credit report by them. Also, what is the mailing address for Experian?

You can write a blanket letter with your disputes. Include your name, soc. sec. #, date of birth, sign the letter and put the account numbers you are disputing and why.

The credit bureaus will investigate and send you a letter back about the status of their investigation. They will not remove accurate information even if you don’t agree with it. Your real beef is with the original creditor, not the credit bureaus. You should be contacting the original creditors as well as the credit bureaus.

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