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free astrological birth chart

If my birthday is Feb 18th, does that mean i have qualities of aquarius and Pisces?

If your birthday is February 18th, you have Sun in Aquarius, and you have the qualities of Aquarius. Sun represents how you need to be IF you are going to feel self-fullfilled, whole and complete .. and that would be Aquarius.

You only have the qualities of Pisces IF:
– You have one of the other 9 planets in Pisces. Since both Mercury and Venus are never far from the Sun (as they appear in the sky), they could easily be in Pisces (or in Aquarius or Capricorn). Or any of the others.
– Or your could have Pisces Rising
– Or you could have Neptune (the “ruler” of Pisces, so-called because it has Pisces-type qualities) strong in your chart: being angular, being part of a major aspect configuration, being conjunct or square or opposition aspect to any of your “personal planets”.

But no … cusps are not real. They are a made-up factor by Sun-sign astrologers who cannot ask you for your birth data and do up your chart. Because there are people who are born on a day when Sun moves out of one sign and into another (such as Feb 19th, which is when Sun moves out of Aquarius and into Pisces), and since it makes this change at a different time every year, and since they cannot tell the reader WHICH sign their Sun is really in … Sun-sign astrologers have made up this concept of “on the cusp” to cover their as*. But it’s a bogus concept. Only those who do not understand astrology believe in “cusps”, and it’s only because the Sun-sign astrologers have played on their ignorance of astrology.

Your Sun is in Aquarius. As for the rest … find out your birth time, go to any “free astrological birth chart” site and enter for full birth date, birth time, and city of birth, in order to get your free astrological birth chart and see what planets are where. Maybe you have something in Pisces … maybe you don’t.

Where can I find an Australian site that offers free astrological birth charts?

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