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full birth chart

Are Aries prone to believe in conspiracy theories more than any other sign?

do they have a tendency to believe they are “truth seekers??

if not them, who do you think is more like that?

BQ: How would you describe a Aries Sun – Leo Moon – Gemini Rising?

#1 Well the aries sign deals with the head and mind, so that may be the characteristic which may well be what influences you to dabble in the unknown and conspiracy theories

#2 One would believe that any of the water signs would be more inquisitive about truth seeking and the unknown, but everything depends on your full birth chart

#3 Your sun moon and rising has already been answered on another similar question to yours by another yahoo user, I will paste it here for convenience

“Aries and Leo are fire signs. they need attention and Independence, will look for love that inspires them to burn vivaciously and are always seeking opportunities to create and re-create. adventure and excitement are key, fun and freedom is essential and to have a partner with the same values will be a perfect duo.

your sun sign is the basic you. im an aries as well and live purely for the experience of every event life through at me. kind of view life as a checklist and want to get the most out of it. we tend to want to control things and can be selfish.. but not always selfish in a ‘self centered’ way. more of a self-aware and even tend to assume blame or responsibility for everything. ‘what did I do’, what could I have done differently, what am I not good enough..
we are the 1st sign in the zodiac, our head is the body part associated with our sign, so you probably have a mole on your head somewhere or suffered from head injuries as a child.. we like to be a step ahead, hate to feel like we are behind schedule in any way. often stubborn and have strong opinions. we are lovers not fighters, but will definitely fight for what we love. most of us like animals, are free-spirits and hate to be held down. we dont hold much internally or secretively- all emotions are on our faces and we are strong not prissy women. you probably have strong facial features (eyes and nose) and tend to be always in your head. ive found that yoga and other meditation practices are essential for me to melt some of my thoughts away and enjoy being present in the moment rather then constantly tossing thoughts arround in my head.

Your moon sign governs your deep feelings. Leos are entertainers, they like to love and be loved. they expect to recieve what they give and are generous with feelings. luckily for you the sun and moon signs are highly compatible. so you wont have much inner conflict. You should probably seek someone with a Leo sun and or Leo moon sign. Remember that you enjoy knowing you are appreciated and any other Leo will need constant re-assurance that they are appreciated too.
Fire signs generally tend to be Egotistical. so remember that love is when you truely open yourself up and give unselfishly expecting nothing in return. When you find someone who understands that too, true love will ignite.

your gemini rising is not as important to your feelings and needs as sun and moon signs. Gemini is just how you come accross to people on a first impression. This is an air sign- they are usually always talking and moving and appear aloof, jump from one thing to the next and dont seem to have much depth. but thats just on a first impression
I encourage you to continue to studdy and better understand yourself so that you can control your feelings and know where they come from. its helped me a lot in my life of self-acceptance.
hope it helped :)”

Keep up your curiosity and questioning, its what creates progress and keeps the world turning. A multitude of events are hidden from us by the government, only an open mind can allow us to see the fine print.

What’s a good way to ask for someone’s time of birth w/o sounding creepy? Most creative method gets 10pts =)?

Because I know where she was born and what day, and I am just Soooo close to seeing her full birth chart! Ahha I just don’t know how to say “what time were you born?” without sounding crazy, you know? Anyone have some good “excuses” to ask what time someone was born?

I’m looking for creativity guys!!! The best one gets 10 points =)
I’m asking for exact time of birth (ie. 3:52 PM). Sorry I didn’t make it clear the first time…

LOL!!! I know! It is hard to do 🙂

Just tell them what you want it for—-it”s easier.

I just said I am online checking mine out and I wanted to do theirs too—they didn’t seem to care (although they were no where near as interested as me) haha! Still go it 🙂

Oh wait—taking my same wording I used on my mom with a little bit of a spin. Hey it seems like everyone I talk to knows the time they were born. I was born at blah blah time. How about you? Hey it could work 😉

I had to wait for my bffs because he had to ask his mom 🙂 I had to ask mine too. I did NOT tell her why I wanted to know—I just said that everyone else seemed to know theirs and I didn’t. So she told me (told me my bros and sister’s too) 🙂

full birth chart/


full birth chart/

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