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get birth chart

exactly which one am i >:(?

i was born on October 23, 1990. i think during the morning or so, in New Amsterdam, Guyana

been looking into my horoscopes recently, but i have no clue which one i am, libra or Scorpio.. the cut off dates most sites use is my b-day.. so its usually im a scorpio or libra according to the web sites..

but now.. i haven’t been able to get birth charts, which are supposed to be really good, cuz i cant find a free one. and even if i do find one for free, i probably wont even understand whats going on with the planets and their position, and which ones are important and which ones are not >< sooo, help plz lol

Your sun is 29 degrees libra.And as for cusps?You are one sign or the other.Most of these astrologers online are quacks who have no formal education at all about astrology.Sign cusps are absolute. There is no transition between signs; there is no grey area at the end of a sign where a planet may exhibit qualities of both its current sign and the next sign. A planet at 29 degrees of Libra is still 100% in the sign of Libra (although planets in the last degrees of signs often have less strength and more difficulty expressing themselves). Once that planet reaches 0 degrees of Scorpio, it is entirely in the sign of Scorpio (and being in the early degrees of a sign, the planet may in fact express with greater strength here).

Here is a link about sign cusps written in an article by a REAL astrologer who had formal schooling in the subject.

Aries : What is my moon sign, sun sign, rising, mars, mercury, etc ?

Date of birth : March 30 1994
Time: N/a
City born : Tokyo, Japan

Insert required data in this birth chart calculator.

then get birth chart.

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How To Understand A Chinese Birth Chart

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