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Teens: What’s your NEW horoscope?

So everybody talking about the new horoscope dates and sign, so I’m wondering what were you before and what are you now?

I WAS an Aquarius, but know I’m a Capricorn.

BQ: What year do you graduate?
( 2013 for moi~ )

Well, what’s your new, NOT new horoscope?

I saw the article. A lot of people were like “screw this $h!t!”

I’m an…Ophidjkgsd. I don’t even know that new sign, but I’m much more of a Sagittarius.

BQ: 2014.

will people’s personality change because of the new horoscope dates?

idk Im a scorpio. ( A cool and loyal and kindhearted scorpio, not a jerk and selfish scorpio so please no criticism) and I was just wondering. Will my personality start to change b/c of the dates shifting. Will I be more libra? Or does that only apply to newborns starting now?

I doubt that your personality will change, due to the month. Your personality will change, due to your maturing.
Astrologically, your personality is always the way it has been. Your sign traits do not change- the circumstances and your reactions to them do.
However, full moons do bring out a weirdness in people, two days before and two days after.
Read Astrology Zone…monthy report…it’s great! But like everything- it changes…as life deals us new cards daily.

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Has history been tampered with? All Ancient Egyptian Horoscopes contain medieval dates?

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