Predictions Based on Date of Birth

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Astro Guru, How to identify or match husband horscope from wife horoscope chart?

Simultaneously,how to find wife horoscope detail from Husband Chart. 2. Even from married husband and wife chart, what are special similarity or grahas found as husband and wife each other?

Married life and its happiness depends on good health and a good mind, mutual trust, understanding, adjustment, mutual faith & respect and above all on love. Stars and planetary positions do not make a successful and happy conjugal life. In our country more than 80% marriages are performed after a thorough matching of the horoscopes. And yet, more than 50% of the girls do not have a happy married life for one reason or another. Humiliation and torture of the womanfolk in their matrimonial home is rampant (Report of WHO, Report by UNO & National Crime Research Bureau). The problem is so severe that the government had to make laws for its prevention. The reason for such a malady is that we give complete stress on such superstitious faith of horoscope matching and not on matching the compatibility on the basis of a health check, blood test, family background, status, culture, mental attitudes, mutual likings and consent for marriage and such things which actually may contribute towards a happy married life. Besides this, horoscope is drawn on the incorrect notion that the earth is at the center of the universe and sun, planets and stars revolve around the earth. It also considers Sun as a planet and not as a star, what it really is. Basic concept being wrong, predictions on such basis are not reliable. Moreover the religious texts like the Vedas, Upanisadas and Bhagvat Geeta condemned such faith. Future is unknown and nothing can be predicted in advance with certainty. We only enjoy or suffer the results of our past and presnt Karma. In that light you may take your decisions and act accordingly honestly, sincerely, seriously with total devotion and leave the rest to your Karma.

How to judge a divisional chart in a horoscope?

A horoscope has 16 divisional charts. How to judge them. Each chart to be judged individually as a new horoscope? Or by judging Lords of different houses in the horoscope and their position in divisional charts? Please advice.

U have to go thro detailed astrology books.Only 12 div.Each chart has to judge seperately depending upon the lagna.–senthil


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