Numerology And Date Of Birth

Predictions Based on Date of Birth

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Numerology and date of birth

Numerology And Date Of Birth

Numerology And Date Of Birth

What is numerology?  

Numerology And Date Of Birth – “Numbers rule universe “, This is one main principle on which Numerology is based on.
Numerology makes use of one’s date of birth and name to perform certain calculations and obtain numbers thereby depicting the characteristics of a person and also pinpoint certain important events in life.
There are 3 famous schools of numerology, they are
1)Phythagorean numerology
2)Chaldean numerology
3)Chinese numerology

Phythagorean numerology is the most widely used numerology system. It believes numbers not only denote quantities, but also has inherent vibrations through which they directly affect our universe. It makes use of simple calculations such as adding all the digits in the date of birth, adding vowels and consonants in one’s name based on the following number-alphabet assignment

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
some of the basic calculations example are
Life path number-1+2+1+1+1+9+9+1=25=2+5=7;
Through above obtained calculations, anyone can understand his/her strengths,weakness, challenges and path of life. This is the most important number in numerology.
Some of the other numbers used are  for Numerology And Date Of Birth
Heart desire number- Obtained by adding values of vowels in one’s name
Personality number- Obtained by adding values of consonants in one’s name
Expression number- Obtained by adding values of all letters in one’s name
For example, consider the name “Obama”
Heart desire number=6+1+1=8;
personality number=2+4=6;
Expression number=6+2+1+4+1=14;
Heart desire number mainly points out to the core desire a person has, It gives reasons behind a person’s actions, This numbers shows what motivates a person.
Persoanlity number indicates the first impression that people get on a person
Expression number shows the unique strengths and potential of the person.
There are still so many other numbers in numerology,but all other numbers act as modifying factors for the above mentioned numbers.Thus numerology can be used to both for predictions as well as for guidance. Selecting baby names as per numerology is highly beneficial.
By checking one’s date of birth,one can know his inherent strengths and weaknesses, thus by analyzing date of birth of a baby and depending on the missing strengths in the date of birth of the baby,a suitable name can be designed, which perfectly complements the date of birth.


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