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numerology prediction

expert astrologers and expert palmists please give right decision to my friend for getting second marriage?

my close friend date of birth is 31-08-1978, time ;; venkatagiri (Nellie district, andra pradesh).my friend has got married in 2004, but unfortunately he separated from his wife with in 3 months and he divorced in 2009….now he asked me that”either i will get second marriage or not?”……..but in my numerology prediction i had said that “you will adjust in all points of views in family matters “…and another point is,, in his right and left hand there are some cuts in marriage lines….so what can i give him for getting second marriage….please expert astrologers and palmists give right decision for my close friend for getting second marriage?( some software shows his lagna is ”simha” and some software shows that his lagna is ”kanya”…which is his correct lagna) please give remedies also………thanks in advance……

There is no second marriage as per his chart.
To get some kind of good companionship, he has to wait for another 3 years.
Consult any nearby astrologers

My date of birth is 30th august 1992.can u plz give details about my future?

plz give your views based on my birth date.

according to my numerology predictions, you a talkative person .or loose talking person….and you will have a good helping nature with others. but you did not work as a subordinate or assistant or clerk in any business or company or profession, because of your birth date is very lucky for self employing or self industry………..if you work as assistant with another , then the fortune will go to your boss……….okay. …… if you have not any self employing conditions , then you will have a good chance in working banking , or welfare organisations like LIC or trusts, military or police, teaching , sales executives, consultancy, secretary, ……..that’s all……

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