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online predictions

Why are horoscope predictions to vague?

and not just your daily horoscopes (that are based on sun signs, thus inaccurate)..even the chart interpretation. Often they seem like they’re designed in a way that might make many different instances fit into it..the way they are written. Or is it just the way astrology functions? nothing set on stone?
Edit: *so vague 😛

Have you ever had a one on one professional astrologer chart interpretation? If you are relying on mix n match online predictions you will get vague statements. You are stringing together a series of disconnected statements. With free online astrology, you get what you pay for… free. Would you trust a free electrician or plumber? A free lawyer?

A professional astrologer looks at your chart as a whole. They are much more personalized in what they do from chart to chart. Everyone is completely unique, and online astrology does not function that way.

How Fake are prediction tests?

Okay my family has been mentioning for me to try out those online prediction of the gender of your baby, where you pay them and they are supposdley 100% or close to being accurate about your babies sex after you anwer questions. They have mentioned fortune baby and baby oracle. Does anyone know if those are ever accurate or just a hoax? Anyone tried them before?

I’m not sure, but I would think it’s a big waste of money, considering an ultra-sound will tell you, and that’s covered by insurance!

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