Sign By Date Of Birth

Predictions Based on Date of Birth

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sign by date of birth

Photography GCSE Final Piece.. Need Ideas!?

Im doing the Photography course and the project is IDENTITY, but i have no clue what to do
i am using New York photos but he said it has to relate to me, i really need help! My exam is in February 2013.. and we have to do a draft for the 25th im doing it on A2, because i wanna lay it out like a real final piece.. HELP!

Photography course > identity, personal, location, culture,

You are of your own identity, what you eat, where you gather,
styles you wear, sounds, comfort zones, habitat, mannerisms,
values, boundaries, freedoms, curiosities, activist, phobia’s,

Photos “projected identities of self ”

a picture that describes your upbringing as cultured,
a photo of your favored cuisine at platter setting,
a mood expression and colour setting that complies with your inner self ,
your astrology sign and Chinese or other sign by date of birth and name sake,
a place you aspire to be within, or place you are in now as contrast,

Are horoscopes real???

I hate that I live my life by a horoscope but I always feel that at the end of the day, it’s true.

I’ve been interested in astrology for a very long time. This I will tell you after having a misspent youth( lol) If I would have known then what I know now. Your birth chart is a map of the lessons that you need to learn, your soul’s expansion in doing this and the gifts that you brought in with you to do this.
There are many factors in a chart. Your sun sign(the sign by date of birth) is just one layer. I am an Aquarius but I only have 2 out of 9 planetary positions in that sign. The daily horoscope doesn’t always qualify. When I am looking to date a guy, I will get his bday. I don’t want to waste his time or mine. Now I have been married 25 years and two kids and things couldn’t be better. This started when I went out a couple of times with him and then did his chart. I knew then that he was a good guy and the rest is just life I use astrology to guide me but not make my important decisions for me. Free will always come into play. allows you to put up your info and get a chart. Look at your sun, moon and rising. Then read what the horoscope says by the signs of those three and you will get a legitimate feel for the day. Good luck

sign by date of birth/

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sign by date of birth/

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