Sun Sign Date Of Birth

Predictions Based on Date of Birth

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sun sign date of birth

What is my sun sign / Date of birth – 09/08/1967/?

1)What is my sun sign/ Date of birth – 09/08/1967/time 8;00am
2) What about my marriage.
3) when my carrier become stable

Your Sun sign is Leo.

I agree that lord of seventh house (house of marriage) is placed in the inauspicious eighth house and the lord of Lagna in 12th house. So such delay in getting marriage. However you will come under the sub-period of Shani from March 2008 and on trying hard you will definitely get marriage then.

You will see rapid development from March 2008, for which you start working right from now. Success will be yours.

Finally, do not forget the FREE WILL gifted to you (to all of us) by God; learn to use your FREE WILL properly and Face the Changes and do not try to Change the Faces.

With Best Wishes and Regards,

Need help with time of birth for Birth/natal chart?

checked my birth certificate and its doesn’t seem to have time of birth printed on it

Ive asked my mum and she said i was born between 12am and 6am ( she cant remember the exact time ).
is they anyway i can narrow it down to the hour to at least find out my moon and rising sun sign?

date of birth: may 30 1990

Your moon sign did not change signs during the time frame you spoke of… stayed in leo so you have a leo moon

as for your rising sign you have to try and figure it out for yourself. I will give you approx rising signs thru out that 6 hour span and you will have figure out what you resemble the most.

12am -1230 capricorn
1230 -130am aquarius
130-230 pisces
230 -330 aries
330 -430 taurus
430 6am gemini

The rising sign is often called the face you present to the world before they get to know the real you. Which one of these signs do you act like when you first meet people you don’t know or hardly know…..mild acquantices. How do you act when you are put on the defensive when criticized for example

Good luck

sun sign date of birth/

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sun sign date of birth/

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