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Predictions Based on Date of Birth

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your birth chart

Is there anyone would rather or have date some another element rather your own?

Example Air who would date a Water or Earth sign.

I am a Scorpio(Introvert) I have dated a Pisces and it was a disaster. I am surround by mostly Air and Fire signs…..I know it’s because of your birth chart but I just want to know if you would have date your “opposite” than someone similar.

I am a Libra and married to a Taurus for the last 43 yrs

How can you tell whether your sun, moon, rising sign is the strongest in your birth chart?

Any ideas? What makes it the strongest part, as in, which out of the three is the most prevalent in your personality?

Usually, your Sun is considered prevalent, but there’s always the exceptions, where the Sun is a less expressing Sign and the Moon is more strongly expressed (like a Libra Sun/Scorpio Moon pairing would probably look more Scorpio than anything). The other thing to realize is that the Ascendant will be the First thing people who don’t know you will see, whereas the Sun will probably be the strongest once they get to know you.

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How to Read a Birth Chart

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